Another investment is the concrete and ballast factory, established at the end of 2005.

The factory is situated on the bank of the Danube River in Zimnicea. 

The position of the production site allows direct access to the Danube with loading/unloading by two cranes on the pier, and a dredger that loads ballast from the Danube’s on the Bulgarian side of the River.

SC Interagregate SRL is located in Alexandria and includes a plant for both concrete production and asphalt


Sc Hidro Olt Srl is a subsidiary of SC INTERAGREGATE SRL, its main activity being in construction including:

Turnkey civil construction: apartments, banks, hotels, cultural establishments, churches, office and administrative buildings, buildings for educational activities, gym and sports centres.

Industrial construction: factories, plants, warehouses.

Road construction: roads, bridges, highways, viaducts.

In addition the following new services have been developed: