The InterAgro Group, an innovator in the field of glass house cultivation, has developed the growing of tomatoes in mineral wool.

The Zimnicea tomato greenhouse, on a 1 hectare site, sows tomato seeds into individual pluglets filled with mineral wool, in uniform rows, thereby ensuring the best humidity for growth. The plugs are fed with nutrient solutions resulting in high yield with minimal mechanical costs.

InterAgro has started production of a DIRK hybrid tomato, with a short growing cycle, (January-June), thereby avoiding the very high temperatures of summer and using a cyclical repetition process, with a plant density of 27-30 per m², giving a total productivity of 300-400 tones/hectare. This hybrid has a high resistance to transport and storage, i.e. LSL – long shelf life, irrespective of whether the tomato is harvested at first stage or at maturity.