INTERAGRO SRL - Flour mill

In 2003 InterAgro SRL inaugurated the Flour Mill in Zimnicea, utilising the latest technology and equipment from Buhler AG (Switzerland), Schmitt (Germany) and Isopan (Italy) with a milling output of 150 tonnes/day. The mill houses its own testing laboratory and pre-milled cereals are stored on site in specialised cells of 36.000 tonnes storage capacity.

The company seeks to increase their market share through increased milling, and downstream investment in bakeries.

INTERAGRO SRL owns 5 bakeries: four located in Teleorman County (Zimnicea, Alexandria, Rosiorii de Vede, Videle) and one bakery in Bucharest. 

InterAgro SA also owns 1 flour mill in Buturugeni village. The resulting flour is used to produce specialised bread and pastries in the 7 group owned bakeries.