Dairy product processing plant

In 2004 the Dairy product processing plant was rebuilt in Zimnicea utilising state-of-the-art EU technology and equipment, the majority from Italy and Germany with financing from the SAPARD program.

The milk processing output is 26,000 litres/day of milk, the finished products being:
- pasteurised milk - 6000 litres
- yoghurt - 6000 litres
- homogenised and fermented sour cream - over 750 kg
- hard and soft cheese - 1600 kg
- the renowned Romanian cheese cascaval" - 1000 kg

SC Interagro SRL’s dairy products plant operates an integrated food quality and safety management system in compliance with SR EN ISO 9001 and SR EN ISO 22000:2005 TUV CERT of TUV HESSEN.

The manufactured products use only fresh ingredients, without preservatives, utilising 40% of own milk production, with 60% from other local producers.