INTERAGRO SRL – Wafer  and biscuit production plant

The latest investment of SC INTERAGRO SRL in the food industry field is the Neapolitan and biscuit production plant.

The Wafer line has 35-40 kg/h output, with a Neapolitan weight of 45-55 grams and delivers three quality types:
1. Wafer weight = 45 grams/piece, cream layer = 1,25:1 - output 2,77 tonnes/24 hours;
2. Wafer weight = 45 grams/piece, cream layer = 1,35:1 - output 2,89 tonnes/24 hours;
3. Wafer weight = 45 grams/piece, cream layer = 1,50:1 - output 3,05 tonnes/24 hours;
The line is equipped with a packing machine and the wastage resulting from the cutting process is automatically collected and reused.

The biscuit line has 300 to 500 kg/h output with the following quality types:
1. simple biscuits
2. sandwich
3. caramel
4. cocoa
5. frosted biscuits

Production is continuous, being equipped with a caramel application, sandwich line(with 30 sets of shapes), chocolate coating device, and fully automated packing facility.

The sale of the wafer and biscuits manufactured by InterAgro has focussed on two brands:

VIVALIS  the brand name of the products, and
NIK-NIK a brand specially dedicated to children with fun packaging and designed to meet the energy and nutrition requirements for a healthy diet.