SC AMURCO SRL, Bacau is an integrated chemical plant – with its main scope of activity being the production of nitrogen based fertilisers and products.

The InterAgro Group has invested over 40 million Euros in an extensive revamp programme for this plant since its acquistition in 1997. The equipment was designed with licences from world-leading technology companies such as:

SC AMURCO SRL Bacau also operates under a comprehensive quality, environmental, occupational health and safety management system in compliance with the norms: ISO 9001: ISO 14001: ISO 18001.

SC AMURCO SRL manufactures the following products:

Product Outputs (to/year) Technical details
Urea 420 000 Minimum nitrogen content: 46
Ammonia 300 000 Min. ammonia: 99,6

Outside these products, the company also manufactures and sells: