On 1st August 2009 the InterAgro Group inaugurated in Zimnicea, located on the Danube river, the first bio-ethanol refinery located in South-Eastern Europe;the bio-ethanol production plant SC BIO FUEL ENERGY SRL.

Bio-ethanol is an ecological fuel and is of National and strategic importance as an alternative, and to reduce the dependency on conventional fossil fuels.

Benefits are the reduction of toxic gas emissions in an attempt to limit the greenhouse effect. In compliance with EU regulations, from January 1st, 2010, fuel sold in Romania is obliged to have a bioethanol content of 4,5-5% by volume, with this percentage increasing incrementally to 20% by 2020.

The output of this bio-ethanol plant is 96.000 tons/year.

This plant utilises corn as its raw material for the bioethanol production and, as down stream products, Interagro manufactures at the same site corn oil, DDGs (animal feed) and carbon di-oxide, all used in the chemical and food production industries.

In parallel with the move for more reliance on renewable energy resources there is a growing need for independence and security in the energy sector. Interagro has achieved this through developments in co-generation power production.

Daily/Annual production:

Product specification Quantity Tons/day Quantity Tons/year
Bio-ethanol 290,00 96 000
Technical ethanol 4,80 1 600
D.D.G.S. - Animal fodders 229,70 76 000
Rough oil made of corn germs 14,70 4 900
Grain oil 0,72 240
Liquid CO2 210,20 70 060