The main activity of CHEMGAS Slobozia is the production and sale of nitrous fertilisers, with 80% of production being for export.

Interagro has injected major investment in the modernisation, restart and operation of the Slobozia plant, reversing plans to scrap the plant.

The recapitalisaiton of the plant has created over a thousand jobs in the city of Slobozia, where previously almost the entire economic activity had ceased during the financial downturn.

CHEMGAS Slobozia manufactures and sells:

Product Technical details
Liquefied technical ammonia Min. ammonia content %: 99,6
Prilled/granular urea Min. Nitrogen content %: 46
Ammonium nitrate Min. nitrogen content %: 33,5
UAN liquid fertilisers Min. nitrogen content %: 32

Main outputs are:

Product Output Tons/year
Ammonia 346 500
Urea 462 000
Ammonium nitrate 300 000
Nitric acid 240 000
UAN 561 000