In 2004 VIROMET SA took over the former production plant, Tutnu Magurele, which had been non-operational for two years. Through systematic upgrade and revamping it is now an important manufacturer of ammonia and of the entire range of chemical fertilisers: urea, ammonia nitrogen, calcium ammonium nitrate, complex and liquid fertilisers, and operates under the name of SC DONAU CHEM SRL.

Currently, SC DONAU CHEM SRL activity currently consists of:

Today, SC DONAU CHEM SRL is one of the largest and most influential Romanian chemical fertiliser manufacturers and benefits from its geographical position on the Danube river, giving direct access to the Black Sea and Central Europe to the North.

SC DONAU CHEM SRL makes available to its customers a wide range of products:

Product Technical details Quantity to/year
Ammonia Min. 99,6% 330.000
Nitric acid Min. 60% N 247.000
Prilled ammonium nitrate Min. 33,5 % N 280.000
Urea Min. 46% N 462.000
Complex NPK fertilisers Various sorts 100.000
Liquid fertilisers Min. 32% N 627.000