With INTERAGRO as the main investor, the production plant AZOCHIM Savinesti, formerly the Chemical Fertiliser Production Plant of Piatra Neamt, was re-commissioned.

Commencing 2005, Interagro has financed a diverse investment program resulting in the recommissioning and modernisation of all the production units, namely: ammonia, prilled and granulated urea, nitric acid and solid ammonium nitrate, as well as liquid fertilisers.

Currently 90% of the total production is for export with the ammonia surplus being utilised and marketed as a raw material for the other chemical platforms within Romania, through the recently formed marketing department of Ga-Pro-Co Chemicals SA Savinesti.

Following a 60 million Euro investment Ga-Pro-Co Chemicals SA has become the most modern Romanian manufacturer in the chemical industry.

Product Technical details
Granular urea Min. nitrogen content %: 46
Granular Ammonium nitrate Min. nitrogen content %: 33,5
Nitro-limestone (CAN) Nitrogen content %: 26-27
UAN Urea-ammonium nitrate solution
Min. nitrogen content %: 32

Liquid ammonia Min. ammonia % content: 99,6
Diluted nitric acid Min. 60% N

Main outputs are listed below:

Product Output Tons/year
Granular urea 280 000
Granular Ammonium nitrate 231 000
Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN) 330 000
UAN 396 000
Ammonia 300 000
Nitric acid 180 000

The investment program continues with focus on environmental protection, reduction of nitrous oxide in the soil, and air, likewise the reduction of ammonia ions in waste liquids, resulting from the production process.