InterAgro | Energy Industry


An important branch of the national economy, the energy industry provides the power and thermal energy requirement for the other economic sectors, being an instrumental part in the development of any national economy.

Recently the energy industry has encountered a dramatic decrease in energy resources, and Interagro has therefore developed a co-generation energy production system; a system which represents a simultaneous production process of two types of energy, thermal and electrical, by using just one source of energy.

Interagro group developed their co-generation system based on natural gas, as a reliable alternative for the reduction of global energy consumption, and having a positive impact on the environment. The co-generation plant allows for simultaneous production of thermal and electrical energy with a heating efficiency higher than that of power production plants and separate heating plants.  It is advantageous due to the production of heat and electricity near the location where it is used and therefore does not carry additional energy loss or transportation costs. Interagro units equipped with this type of system are listed below:

Bio Fuel Energy SRL Zimnicea - 6 x 2 Mwh
Sere Zimnicea - 1 x 2 Mwh
Amurco SRL Bacau - 2 x 6.75 Mwh
Donau Chem SRL Turnu Magurele - 3 x 6.75 Mwh
Ga Pro Co Chemicals SA Savinesti - 2 x 6.75 Mwh
Viromet SA Victoria - 1 x 6.75 Mwh
Nitroporos Fagaras - 2 x 6.75 Mwh