The factory will be built in Zimnicea on the site of SC ZIMTUB SRL.  The project has already been approved.

The raw material used will be sunflower, soya and rapeseed and the processing capacities will be the following :

The end products obtained after processing are :

    1.Raw degummed oil
    - sunflower : 185T/day
    - soy : 138T/day
    - rapeseed : 209T/day

   2. Fodder, residual components:
   - sunflower : 160 T/day protein content 40%
   - soya: 525 T/day – protein content 49%
   - rapeseed : 307 T/day

The factory has a continuous production line, with degumming, pelletising and enclosed filtering sections.  The project has been completed in 2010.

The projects proposed for 2010 - 2013, by the Interagro Group are as follows:

In the field of green fuels, Interagro Group will invest in green fuel production with the aim to achieve greater fuel efficiency in the chemical Viromet and Donau Chem with an estimated   investment of Euro 10 million.

In the field of tourism, InterAgro will invest in a 10 million Euro project, for the “Zimnicea Harbour” project: