The project has been approved by the Operational Regional Program 2007-2013 – Priority Axe 5 – Durable Development and promoting tourism – Intervention Domain 5.2 – Creation, development and modernisation of the infrastructure for increased quality of tourist services.

The suggested investment project is part of the development programme for Zimnicea and will contribute in the long term to sustainable economic growth in the area through increased tourism.

Cruises on the Danube 

These cruises are in demand by foreign visitors and domestic holidaymakers.  At present, cruise ships travelling between Germany and Romania have stopovers in Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Belgrade and calling in Giurgiu for visits to Bucharest. The final destination for these cruises is the Danube Delta, where tourists have the opportunity of visiting the Romanian coastline.

The leisure harbour will be situated on the Danube, with tourist facilities which include water sports and the possibility of being a port of call for larger cruise ships.

The following sites are planned:


The project goals are:

In addition Interagro has supported a number of projects initiated by young people working under the name of the “Foundation of Young Teleorman Inhabitants” who have set up 16 pensions in a traditional Romanian style to capitalise on the natural beauty of the Danube area.