The INTERAGRO Group is constantly expanding their activity and has become a producer of energy for own use and for both the Romanian and European market.

In this regard, and to ensure energy efficiency in accordance with the European norms,  InterAgro has begun working with 6 co-generation power stations with gas turbines, with a total installed power of 80,4 MW.

In addition, Interagro wish to invest in the construction and operation of electric power plants:

Coal powered Thermo-electric power plant  – Turnu Magurele – 2x660 MW, planning phase.

The power station will be built on the platform of the Donau Chem chemical fertilizer plant owned by the InterAgro Group.
The site is located on the Danube, thereby facilitating the importation of coal and providing abundant cooling water required in energy production.

The thermoelectric power plant will house 2 x 660 MW energy units, powered by imported coal and methane gas.

The energy sites will be connected to the national power network via a new station with a 400 kV line and through the existing  station with a 220 kV line.
The connection is certified by Transelectrica SA – Transport and System Operator.

The energy sites will be fully automatic, functioning approximate 8000 hours/year, with a life expectancy of 30 years.