SC InterAgro SA - in reorganizare judiciara, in judicial reorganization, en redressement


INTERAGRO, a dominant force in the domestic market, is one of the largest and most influential Romanian agro-industrial and financial groups. InterAgro has succeeded in a highly competitive environment through an adaptable management policy which has consolidated the Group's long term development.

The InterAgro group has successfully invested in State sell-offs and the privatisation of key Romanian companies including: animal breeding programmes, agricultural farms, chemical plants and food production.

This has been achieved through a continuous restructuring and adjustment process to the demands of the domestic and international business environment.

The core of the InterAgro group is SC InterAgro SA, a private company of Romanian - British capital, established in 1994, whose main scope of activity is the external trade of agricultural chemical fertilisers, also operating in other fields such as the cultivation of cereals, technical plants and the food industry.

The external trade was taken over by SC InterAgro SA from the mother Company, SC INTERACTION SRL - which is also a privately owned company with Romanian - British capital, established in 1991.

In 1994 the company Interaction SRL distinguished itself among the top five companies, according to the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Between 1994 - 2010, Romania was enveloped by a difficult economic and financial environment to which the Group has continuously responded with strategy revision and the implementation at company level of a vertical integration policy.

Utilising a global network of contacts SC InterAgro SA produced and supplied chemical fertilisers, urea, ammonium nitrate, calcium ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulphate, complex fertilisers and agricultural products.

Throughout this period, InterAgro reinvested in Romania.